Child Abuse Is Legal Now

     Much of the public’s acceptance of transgenderism is based on the belief that it only involves consenting adults, so therefore we should just let them be. It is also based on the belief that transitioning is a medical necessity. These are some of the misconceptions that people have about transgenderism. What is happening in some of these clinics involves neither consent nor adults. It also does not involve a medical necessity. Children as young as nine are being given puberty blockers and then cross-hormones that will permanently stunt their growth, cause sterility, and lead to untold psychological consequences. The puberty blockers are administered to prevent the natural production of the body’s own hormones, so when puberty arrives, the boys’ bodies will not produce testosterone and the girls’ bodies will not produce estrogen. Later on they are injected with the hormones of the opposite gender to produce the desired, though unnecessary, effects. All of this is done only because of the child’s insistence that he or she is not the gender that they appear to be. Remember, there is no medical diagnosis for gender dysphoria. It is purely subjective. The only diagnosis is the patient’s own self-diagnosis. If you say you’ve got it, you’ve got it. Case closed. But that absurdity is multiplied by a thousand when we realize that the same is true for children. If a kid says he’s got it, he’s got it. Case closed. The doctors begin administering the hormone treatment with the justification that it’s what the child wants. But a child should never be allowed to make a decision of that magnitude. It is a drastic and life-changing treatment that should never be driven by a child’s impulsiveness. The doctors are betraying the children. If the public knew what was happening they would be in shock.
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