Dangers of Hormone Treatment

     The use of puberty blockers affects the sexual development of children and, when paired with cross-hormones, causes sterility. Because this disrupts their natural puberty, it will affect their overall development, too. It stunts the child’s growth. It affects the development of their brains. There is evidence that puberty blockers can cause a decrease in bone density, possibly leading to osteoporosis later in life. They have potentially life-threatening side effects such as blood clots and even cancer. Patients may also be at a higher risk for heart disease and diabetes at some point. The psychological consequences are a whole other story.

     The use of hormone blockers on children is unconscionable. It’s shameful that this is even legal. This is not a medical necessity. What is even more incredible is that the child’s decision is final. We read in Chapter 4 how professionals are prohibited from talking a child out of transitioning. I’m sure parental consent is required, but if the parents don’t consent, there could be social and legal consequences. So the child’s word is final. A nine-year-old boy has decided to undergo this dangerous treatment, and no one can or will stop him.
     These hormone blockers have not been FDA approved to treat gender dysphoria. So how can gender clinics do this? These drugs are basically prescribed off-label, which is legal. This means that once a drug has been approved for one purpose, physicians are free to prescribe it for any other purpose that in their judgment is safe and effective.It seems like that judgement has been stretched in the case of transgender children.
      Hormone blockers such as Lupron have been FDA approved for precocious puberty, which is early onset of puberty. The diagnosis here is subjective. A gender dysphoric child will not want the puberty of his birth gender, so he will be distressed over it, giving the physician a reason to call it premature. Children with gender dysphoria can easily be labeled with precocious puberty. So hormone blockers are either prescribed off-label, or these kids are being diagnosed with precocious puberty. That gives them two possible legal safeguards. In most cases, the blockers are prescribed off-label.
    The paradox here is that puberty blockers give the kids more time to decide if switching genders is right for them, yet the trans lobby claims that when someone is transgender they just know it for certain without any question or doubt. But if they need more time to think about it, then apparently there is some question or doubt. Because these are kids, they probably need about 20 or 30 years to think about it.

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