Schools at all levels are being forced to not just tolerate transgenderism, but to embrace it. It is being taught as normal, or even better than normal. Transgender students are seen as somehow special, and naturally all kids would like to be considered special. It is portrayed as cool and fashionable. Through emulation and peer pressure, more kids will want to change genders. End result: Increase the transgender population.

     This is indoctrination. Kids are being taught the new paradigm that we are born gender-neutral and we can choose which gender role to act out. Children are very impressionable and they are more likely to accept this nonsense if they are taught it at a young age. Kids won’t instantly become transgenders because of this; but someday, when a kid is feeling isolated, depressed, and confused, he may start to consider a gender change as an option. It’s something he never would have thought of otherwise, but now that the seed has been planted in his head, it can take root later when things get tough. That’s what they are doing. They are planting a seed in the children’s minds. They are hearing this from teachers who they are taught to respect. This is not only indoctrination, it’s also recruitment. They are aggressively creating the next generation of transgenders. This message is being given to thousands of kids daily. There are bound to be a few who are lured into it. They are actually persuading children to become transgenders by making it seem normal. It’s basically a membership drive. There is a huge push to sterilize as many kids as possible before the public gets wise to this. This is not about teaching tolerance. They could do that by making general statements like “Respect everybody,” “Be considerate of others,” “Love your fellow man” and things like that. Redefining gender is not necessary in order to teach respect for others.