The parents in these cases are caught in a dilemma that they never would have expected. I’m sure they wrestled with this decision, and it wasn’t easy for them. But what the parents don’t realize is that the doctors have lied to them. We like to believe that we can trust our doctors, and most of the time we can. They are not politicians or lawyers. They are doctors, and generally trustworthy. But in this case they have lied. They have to lie because this is basically legalized child abuse disguised as progressive medicine. The doctors tell the parents that the child will never outgrow this condition. They say that from their experience they never change. The truth is that 75-80% of the children will outgrow the condition naturally, and the rest will just learn to deal with it. But if the parents were told that, they would not approve the treatment for their child. These clinics are in the business of doing sex changes. They aren’t likely to turn away customers. How could a gender identity clinic stay in business if they told the truth?
     The parents are probably told that their child will be at risk for suicide if they don’t transition. The doctors are using the guilt-trip method to gain the parents’ approval. They give in to the transitioning because of that. They fear being burdened with guilt if their child dies. The real truth is that the kids are at a greater risk for suicide if they do transition. Of the ones who do transition, almost half of them attempt suicide. I’m sure the doctors don’t tell the parents that part. These kids are very confused and troubled. They commit suicide if they can’t transition, and they commit suicide if they do transition. So what are the parents supposed to do? If they knew the whole truth, they would never allow their child to transition. But they are only told half the truth. They think they are saving their child’s life. But it is more likely the kid will attempt suicide after transitioning, when they find out it’s not the answer to their problems. Transitioning has never saved anyone’s life, and it has never truly solved anyone’s problems. They are still just as troubled afterwards, if not more.
Even the DSM-5 admits as much:
     After gender reassignment, adjustment may vary, and suicide risk may persist.[1]
     These gender clinics claim that the transitioning is necessary to prevent suicide. This is what they mean when they say that this is life-saving treatment. That is complete nonsense. If someone is at risk for suicide, that is a psychological problem, and should be treated as such. If they are suicidal before transitioning, they will be suicidal after transitioning because the problem has not been solved. They are not helping the child by giving him needless medical treatment that will mess him up physically and psychologically. It is an absolute lie to say that transitioning is a life-saving medical procedure. Parents have been misled into thinking that it is. It only increases the chances for suicide. The parents need to know the truth about this.
     If the parents sought a second opinion on their child’s condition, they probably went to another gender identity clinic. Naturally, they will be told the same thing there. These clinics are not objective. If the parents go to a hundred gender clinics, they will be told the same thing every time: Your child needs a sex change. The parents are thinking that they got some diversity of opinions, not realizing that all these clinics will tell them the same thing. If they want a truly objective opinion they would have to go to an independent psychiatrist not affiliated with a gender clinic. But nowadays, even the independent professionals have their hands tied by the law. Someone needs to simply tell them that their child will outgrow this condition.
It seems natural to listen to what the doctors and psychiatrists say regarding your child’s well-being. After all, they’re the experts, right? Most of the time that’s true, but not in this case. Who is an expert on sex change? Nobody is, because there is no such thing. It’s impossible to change genders. You don’t have to be a doctor or psychiatrist to know that. The average bum on the street knows that you can’t change gender. Why do people defer to the medical profession as if they were authorities on this subject? When it comes to cancer, leukemia, or diabetes, listen to your doctor. But on the issue of sex change, their knowledge is not superior to yours. This is not their domain. They are out of place to even advise someone on the subject. Your knowledge of sex change is equal to your doctor’s knowledge of sex change, because you both know it’s impossible.
     In the olden days this would have been less of a problem. The child would likely have struggled with it for a while, but as he grows up he would eventually accept the inevitable reality that he can’t change his gender. But nowadays it’s different. When the child hears of others who are transitioning, it makes him want to do it even more. It doesn’t seem fair that other kids can transition but he can’t. The kid will want to do what other kids are doing. The parents will hear, “But Tommy gets to transition so why can’t I?” That means his parents are bad compared to Tommy’s parents. This will make the child become rebellious against his parents because they are not as good and tolerant as Tommy’s parents. He will come to resent them. The child will be less likely to take responsibility for his situation because now he can blame it all on his parents. If only they were more like Tommy’s parents, everything would be fine. So the child will be more likely than ever to insist on transitioning. He objects to being denied what he sees other kids having. In the end, this child is more likely to commit suicide because he thinks he has such rotten parents.
     If the children are denied a sex change, their only pain will be psychological. That’s not to say that their suffering isn’t real, only that it does not require physical treatment or surgery. They will not die or be crippled if they don’t get a sex change. Their worst symptom would be the disappointment of not having their dream come true. But they are young and they will have many more dreams, if people like Dr. Spack will let them. Most of these kids will outgrow their gender dysphoria, and the rest will learn to live with the disappointment like we all learn to live with disappointment. It’s a routine part of life, so they might as well learn to deal with it. Transgenders will have plenty of company on the boulevard of broken dreams.

[1] American Psychiatric Association, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, 5th Edition, p. 454, American Psychiatric Publishing, 2012.
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