transgender scam exposed- Transgenda
     When transgenders are in the news, what do we see? We see Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner receiving an award for courage, along with congratulatory tweets and twitters from a host of celebrities, including the president himself. We see Chastity/Chas Bono dancing with the stars to the delight of the crowd. We see Laverne Cox on the cover of Time magazine, leading “the new civil rights movement.” Interviews with transgenders always tell us how the sex change has made their dream come true and given them a chance to be themselves. New laws and policies are being put in place to embrace transgenders and welcome them to the human race. Tribute is paid to transgenders of past generations to thank them for paving the way to freedom. It’s all sunshine and lollipops in the magical land of Transtopia. But is that the reality of it?
    Regrets among sex-change patients are something you rarely hear about. Think about it. Have you ever heard someone on the news talking about how they regret their sex-change operation and wish they hadn’t done it? Not likely. The transgender lobby goes to great lengths to keep such stories out of the news, and to discredit them if and when they are publicized. Does that mean that everyone who ever had a sex-change operation is blissfully happy with it? Don’t buy it. There are thousands and thousands of people who deeply regret having a sex-change operation. Their stories are tragic and moving. Unfortunately, the transgender lobby has turned their back on them, and considers them traitors, further adding to their anguish.
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